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We thrive on handling diverse and challenging tasks and fully dedicate ourselves to promoting your company and brand through selective press, media relations and special events. Too often, public relations is seen as additional work to be handled by an assistant or marketing person. In reality, it takes an experienced and polished PR professional with excellent media contacts, exemplary writing skills and a strategic mind to achieve success.



Relationships with key members of the media are at the core of what we do every day at Polished Pig Media. We pitch and secure placements for our clients in broadcast, print, and web-based media on the local, regional, and national level. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to draft and distribute press releases, opening announcements and press kits. We recognize the importance of face time with media, coordinating desksides and media appointments in New York City and around the country, as well as plan and execute media trips as needed. For clients new to the media world, we work with them on interview preparation and public speaking so they can put their best foot forward in any situation.



At Polished Pig Media, we work closely with our clients to create captivating and shareable content that drives social interaction, builds brand awareness, grows audience and engagement, and achieves business goals on the ground and in the digital space. Relying on our proven skills with social media, analytics, design, photography, and videography, we develop and source content that’s on brand for our clients and fits their needs, making sure that their social media presence caters to their target audience and capitalizes on current trends across all platforms. We deliver results through social media consultation, content creation, platform management, influencer networking, SEO optimization, and audience growth. We do the work, so you can get back to what really matters—your passion.

Services Include: Social Media Consulting | Content Strategy Creation and Execution | Photography | Videography | Graphic Design | Platform Management | Social Media Redesign/Rebranding | Event Coverage | Audience Growth | Influencer and Media Relations | SEO Optimization | Community Management | Analytics



Hosting and participating in events as well as navigating requests for event participation is a crucial part of the work we do for our clients every day. From media events to charitable dinners and book launches, we ensure involvement aligns with our clients’ target audiences, markets, and budgets. From conception, to promotion, and finally execution, Polished Pig Media has successfully hosted events of all sizes.



When our clients are faced with difficult situations, they look to Polished Pig Media for guidance on how to
communicate with their audience, handle requests, and manage the media strategically. Polished Pig Media has a proven track record for professionally and successfully handling sticky situations, putting in place critical plans to prevent crisis, and creating tactical action plans for when crisis does come. Beyond our extensive experience, the team includes members who have been officially certified through the completion of The International Crisis Management Conference and Principals of Crisis Management course.



At Polished Pig Media, we excel at bringing like-minded people together for projects and partnerships that are beneficial to all parties involved. Whether it’s a guest chef series or a collaboration between a retailer and brewery, we look for unique ways to unite our clients with other power players in the hospitality and lifestyle worlds.



Our team at Polished Pig Media knows the hospitality and lifestyle industries inside and out. In addition to traditional public relations activities, we often act as consultants for our clients. We provide strategic counsel for new restaurants on everything from opening timeline and menu development, to website content and functionality. We also work with our clients to develop and maintain a brand identity and messaging that accurately represents their company.



Playing an active role in their respective communities is important to our clients. Whether it’s joining local civic organizations, teaming up with the area convention and visitors bureau, participating in charitable events and fundraisers, or getting involved with schools and education, we help our clients determine how they can make a positive impact on their communities.

Polished Pig Media

Polished Pig Media




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